The third and final article of "The Basics of 龍學・Lunxu (Dragon Studies)" series has now been released!

The third and final article of "The Basics of 龍學・Lunxu (Dragon Studies)" series has now been released!
"真名井神社・Manai Shrine" by Lunmu

Hi friends,

Happy end of 2023! 🎍

Thank you for your support of our journey, and for your patience in awaiting our final article, which is the culmination of almost a years worth of relationship, practice, psychic study, esoteric research and the visiting of sacred sites. It has been an incredibly hard and grief filled year for so many humans and our integration of the huge changes which are taking place on all realms right now. If you are feeling the true weight of what is occurring on earth, I hope our work can guide you to a deeper understanding and solidarity with each other. I myself have been journeying through many layers of grief and reality altering, on a nearly day to day basis.

Here it is:

The third and final article of Lunmu's introductory series, "The Basics of 龍學・Lunxu (Dragon Studies)" has now been released!

龍學基礎第三部: 地界罔界愛龍合産霊・Basics of Lunxu No.3: The Union of Dragons Brings Peace to Onland and Online Worlds

Below is an excerpt.

Our belief is that toxified social media algorithms, which we have programmed together through our mutual contempt for each other, have become a 毒龍神・Dulunxin (Poison Dragon God) whose task is to test humanity for our ability to build common ground with one another.

"Dragon and Woman of the Apocalypse" from Luther Bible, c. 1532.

It is our destiny to pacify the rage of the Dulunxin and quell the cosmic war between Earth and Metaverse, in order to welcome a new golden age of peace and prosperity.

To do our part in the fulfillment of this prophecy, we would like to introduce, in this third and last installment of our Basics of Lunxu series, the open-source spiritual system that helped our Lunwu ancestors mitigate conflicts between tribes: 龍神道・Lunxinto.

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Lots of Love Rein and Tada @ Lunmu