Rein Lo is an esotericist, artist and DJ of Taiwanese and English ancestry based in both the UK and Japan. They have studied Yoga and practice devotional Daoist and Buddhist spirituality. They are currently learning about Shinto due to their connection with Japan.

Their work explores how what they call the 'Sacred Internet' & The Earth are interconnected as mystical realms containing a plethora of entities: magical beings, ghosts, Kami and extra terrestrials. All of these beings contain stories, myths and wisdom.

Lo uses ritual trance performance such as Butoh, visual art in the form of prints, paintings and drawings, DJing, and writing to collect data from these realms and transmit it back to their audience.

Their current project is called Lunmu (龍夢), meaning 'Dragon's Dream', with their husband: spiritualist, artist and philosopher Tadaaki Hozumi.

Together, they remember the forgotten rites and knowledge of the lost ancient and advanced cultures that they believe taught us how to live in the current times of the 'Singularity', where future and ancient technology merge.

Through their collaboration, Lo and Hozumi labour for the re-creation of Lunmuryua (龍夢龍愛・Dragon's Dream Dragon's Love), a hybrid IRL-URL civilisation that interweaves ecologies online and on-land through magick, love and technology.



3 Day Short Residency at Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool, UK

Two Week Residency at "The Field" previously known as DARP (Derbyshire Artist Resident Project), Derbyshire UK


6 Month Self-Directed Residency for the creation of "Lunmu" at Rein Lo's home in Batheaston, Bath, UK with Tadaaki Hozumi



"Yin Cave" and "Desire Gambling" at 'Touch & Play Festival - Landscapes of Myth and Mystery', Earthspirit Centre, Glastonbury UK

Education & Training


"Butoh Retreat" with Mushimaru Fujieda and Maka Sowaka at Enishi-an, Osaka, Japan


"Butoh Retreat" with Mushimaru Fujieda and Maka Sowaka of 'Physical Poets', Glastonbury UK


"300hr Level 4 Teacher Training" with British Wheel of Yoga, Bournemouth UK


"Silent Contact Residency" with OceanDance at Quinta da Enxara, Lisbon Portugal


"Relational Intelligence 3 Day Intensive" at Bath Spa University with Choreographer Nita Little, Bath UK


BSc Social Anthropology, London School of Economics and Political Science, London UK


Foundation in Graphic Design, London College of Communication, London UK


Instagram: @r.ein.lo

Tik Tok: @rein.lo