Sisterhood of Nacreous Scales

Sisterhood of Nacreous Scales
Image by Rein Lo

Part one:

My snake sister wept into a nebula,

It had unending stars that ended up at a Pearl Mother.

Pregnant as a bloated blueberry.

Me and my snake sister were holding hands in the womb.

The next moment she was gone.

Uninvited from the party of Earth.

I was dropped down a hole, became a curved equinox.

I spoke to dust for her.

Humiliated, trying to prove something.

As I orbited, waiting for her, everything was lost.

This is how it was chasing sisterhood.

This wound is a jagged gash, a canyon.

Sister? Sister?

Melissae and Wasp Queen.

I hoped for a miracle, she would notice me when we were atoms on the honeyed soil.

Earth taught me of venom,

Squirting out from fangs,

There's no where to turn and she made sure you had nothing to hold onto.

I am falling into the Pearl Mother and Father.

They put us here together. At war for love.

I call for Mother everyday,

She took me to the place where you cannot say no.

Maybe you are there too?

There is a flood of wet dreams seeping into my veins,

And, I can't say no.

Father restrains me,

The dark daddy wants us to birth each-other,

Again and again and again,

Russian Doll.

Goddess opens her legs opposite me.


Taste this poison.

But the riddle is:

Will I pray, surrender and look at her?

Part Two:

A Pearl dropped out of me, 100,000 feet down.

Crashed into the ocean floor,

Downward escalator of sky scrapers.

My magnetism is crushed by your gravity,

I was a mother birthing my strange self.

At the very bottom there is a single candle,

Lit glittering in the abysmal black,

I am smiling.

You were born there,

A gush of red ink clusters around the pearl under the water.

This water that moves from black, to purple, to blue,

Back to aquamarine, silver, and sometimes orange.

A sun ray swirls around like a baby finger twirling a puddle.

We were girls.

What is that long effervescent pink tube?

Spinning like a DNA bubble into my organs.

We seem to be connected forever.

I wish I could tell you otherwise,

I'm not sure you'd like to hear it.

As our orbit completes

We are tentacled wolves,

Desperate for slime-touch and howls.

We are luscious rotten fruits,

Turned into melding pickles.

I was obsessed with your inky opacity,

And you with my eye-burning glisten.

It seems that together we are a satellite that covers the earth,

Each a diamond screen reflecting its own slither.

Just that cosmic snake.

I am giggling and every sound rises to the surface of the ocean and pops.

There a cargo ship dismantles,

Into a wave the size of a country.

An octopus clings onto the very bottom tip of the boat,

A genius hitch-hiker, rejoicing.

Published by Rein Lo 23/07/23