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The Dragon's Tongue

'33 Signs I Might Be Crazy'
The Dragon's Tongue
(Image by Rein Lo)

'The Dragon's Tongue'

Cuisine in formation

Peach-toned labia plates

White milk trickling.

Thigh, cartilage, liver and arsehole

Un-shamed beast loves

toxic whore


Flying high as a fallen breath

Afterwards: bejewelled penetration

Digging for dirt nourishment

Feet like claws full of blood

Warmed by a fire puff exhaling city heat.

Lick blood from scratches, 11

Signs I might be wild

33 Signs I might be crazy

She's jealous, I'm jealous

Tastes delicious

We never speak

Cult-like, oh it seems I'm always around.

Guts are on a stick.

Eyes watery and round like Dumbo.

Are there one thousand colours raiding my tongue cells?

Like barbiturate atoms of nature

'Aqua' 'Fortis', dissolving all but gold

Mouth roof was wide open melting the sky into me

Slate teeth gripping on bitterly in that cultured winter

Humans barbaric, clambering around

Alchemical labourer with a chaos symbol tattoo

Pulling and tugging, with my dear, terrible Papa.

Mother, what do I call you?

Do you send me voice-notes

Of sweet children

Telling me to come to my home country?

Ten thousand colours to taste, this time

Froth, foaming green at the bottom of demon mountain

I want to bow, now.

My soul feels as heavy as this floating forest

Purple, pink, yellow, gold, silver, red

A flurry of scales seethes through my blinking eyes

Blinking lights in a hotel room, warm aura of Home City

I can now call Mine.

No-one begged for it like I could.

Pluto moving.

Solifaction, digesting

You think I can't keep up?

I'm turned on competing with you and

Becoming gold.

My Gates are Vermillion,

Much like a clay I remember

A hot sun circle ritual with naked skin and smoke

Pretty ones are tied up together by rope for days

Just like you and me but it's centuries.

I cranked up the size of my gaping pussy

Using a nutcracker

Hey wait up, chotto matte ne

more food is on the way.

~24/06/23 ~ Published by Rein Lo~